Uni Art Portfolio

Today’s mission?

Sharing bits of my admission portfolio for the university (sketches and pieces it selves).

I first said that I don’t want to go to University. A gap year of traveling and volunteering around the world sounded much more appealing to me. I didn’t want to stick to one place for another 4 years. Then. I thought a little deeper and decided that I am going to make my dream of moving to London come true. That is the place I will never get bored of anyway.

I did my art portfolio in 2 months, as a result of my spontaneous decision to go to uni anyway. Having no time to choose a theme and explore/build from that, I was approaching different subjects, guided by my art teacher. I tried to obtain a large number of artworks in a short time until I had the interviews.

Portfolio advice

After applying to multiple art universities in London, these are the things I realised:

  • The interviewers do not care about how much money you’ve spent on your portfolio. Most of them want to see talent, potential, dedication and how much hard work you’ve put into it
  • Make sure to read the exact guidelines of the type of portfolio your university requires. Some of them have different structures, for example, they want to see 5 observational drawings, 10 finished pieces etc.
  • Include recent work, as well as some of your old ones. Take care of the order you arrange them in.
  • DO YOUR PORTFOLIO IN TIME. It takes a lot of time to mount pieces together.
  • Pay attention to the layout/composition of the work
  • Use a variety of materials and techniques, especially in your sketchbook. They want to see you’re curious and you like to experiment.
  • Pay a lot of attention to your sketchbooks as well.
  • Set a theme and explore different aspects of it, in your sketchbook.
  • Don’t be afraid to show unfinished pieces

These might be some of the main things you should consider when doing your art portfolio. If you have any requests, feel free to contact me.

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