Weekly Sketches #1


Inspired by one of the paintings that were hung on the walls of Cărturești Carusel, in the Old Center of Bucharest.

The amazing garden of Voilà Bistrot, Bucharest.

The combination between the design of the Starbucks from Calea Victoriei and an element from Za Lokal looks something like this…

It’s way too hot in this city. I feel breathless. Currently at Za Lokal, painting flowers. I am in love with these quiet moments, when everything seems to stop for a while when you get absorbed into one city’s jam. I love to observe the direction in which my thoughts wonder; to see where they stop. I look around and find simple elements that bring something back to me, something that happened a while ago, for example, the tattoo on the hand of the foreign guy sitting next to me, bringing back vivid images, from the time I needed to make the design of that exact same tattoo, but somehow never did, or seeing someone from your hometown randomly walking down the street, waving hello, dressed in his perfectly fixed suit, with other business men. Days in the sun, salt, and paper, lilies and roses. Bloom and flourish, fade and disintegrate. There’s no gas left in my lighter that has a pug on it, bought for someone dear, trying not to lose it..”

The ticket to Coma concert, In Brasov

The print one of my friends had on her trousers.

Things I learned from this trip:

  • Your friends love you, even if they don’t necessarily show it
  • My love for traveling hasn’t faded away, not even a bit
  • You don’t remember how hot and dusty a day was, but what happened in those moments
  • You truly get to know a person when you live with it, even for a few days
  • I can pack my suitcase and decided to leave a town within 10 minutes

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